PCT Pre-training

I am hiking the infamous Pacific Crest Trail this year. Its around 2660 miles long and goes through California, Oregon, and Washington. I have moved to Greeley to prepare my training after quitting my job. So far my training has consisted of drinking beer, throwing rocks at the neighbor’s dogs, and occasionally buying a piece of gear.   I did buy some bear spray not that i am particularly afraid of Ursus americanus, but I am scared to death of those crafty apes. I will update this journal as I start doing mileage hopefully starting April 29th unless my plane goes down in a fiery crash before reaching San Diego or if my hangover from the PCT kickoff party at Lake Moreno becomes too severe. More to come…

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3 thoughts on “PCT Pre-training

  1. Bruce

    Hell yeah Mark! Proud of your guts to do the PCT…remember,you’re 10 years older than the Appalachian quest, so be easy on yourself and rest when needed, take yor time…just make it before old man winter hits Northern Washington! Cool MK, keep us all up to date along your journey, try to identify as many different species’ scat as you can…Bruce

  2. Jason Newman

    don’t forget to keep up on your perio dittle-do-dat wazzannlong-a d- dood – dahhhss. Keep the sunrise on your left and moss in front of you , godspeed!

  3. Be careful love. Thinking of you at all times. :-* kisses

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