Julian, CA

I have hiked 77.4 miles as of today.  Sitting in the public library with the cool hum of the air conditioning and  next to perfumed bibliophiles it is hard to imagine getting back on the trail. Evidently the trail makes a sharp ascent over the next three or four miles with the next water source a grueling 24 miles away in the mid-eighties desert temperature.  I have found a kindred company of misanthropes  as walking companions.  A mid-fifties Canuck  named “The Donald” and a thirty something, loquacious Floridian named, “Just in Time.”  The Donald’s  quick wit and dry humor have been a very pleasant surprise.  Just in Time lives in Hawaii and at last count he has twelve blisters (with some blisters on other blisters) and countless other hot spots littering his feet.

We plan on hitching back to the trail in a couple of hours and doing some hiking by moonlight with the lunar cycle almost full.  I have averaged almost 20 miles a day and plan on being in Warner Springs (mile 110)  by saturday afternoon for my first mail drop.  Rumor has it the community is throwing together a little shin dig for the thru-hikers this weekend.  However the only thing I am looking forward to is a hot shower and a chance to let my blisters cool off.  Well that and a nice cool beer.  -Skeeter

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One thought on “Julian, CA

  1. Hugh

    Fuck yeah! Good to hear you’re making your time. Remember, even whilst hanging out with other like-minded people, don’t sweat letting your true contrarian nature fly its freak flag in all its glory.

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