Idyllwild, CA -180 miles

Wow is all I can say.  The PCT has afforded so many wonderful views and eloquent vistas! The last couple of days I have spent slogging up and down very sleep climbs in the San Jacinto Wilderness and the rugged San Jacinto Peak.  I post-holed in waist deep snow on the descent into Idyllwild.  Thats right folks, snow right here in sunny Southern California!  I lost my hiking companions Last Minute and The Donald.  They are too much in a hurry for my taste.  In fact I have found that most hikers are just rushing to make the next highway crossing for a cafe breakfast or dinner.  Most continue to text, and browse their smart phones getting constant updates on what mile marker they are at, sports scores, and emails.  They are in such a damn hurry and addicted to information like most of Babylon.  So I have now been hiking solo the last past few days.  My camping spot last night: a cave. I rolled out my sleeping pad and sleeping bag on a flat rock with another boulder on top of it that created a remarkably large and deep cave.  There were a lot of critters and birds milling about and a few unidentified bigger noises, but I slept like a baby.  Nice and cool and prehistoric.  Today I am taking the entire day off in Idyllwild, CA.  My feet are in pretty bad shape.  I have five blisters, inexplicable pressure foot pains, and two lower shin bruises and strains.  I can’t remember the last time they have felt this bad-probably since the my Appalachian Trail thru-hike. A day completely off of them, and several pints of Guiness should help though.  Idyllwild could easily be mistaken for a sleepy tourist New England ski town.  There are no major corporate chains (a good start), a plethora of not very cute puns for store names (how many A Cut Above barber shops are there in the world? answer: Too dang many!) I need to get a usb to micro usb cable so i can start uploading some of my beautiful pictures that I have taken.  Cheers!

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4 thoughts on “Idyllwild, CA -180 miles

  1. So very proud of you my love! Please take care of yourself and call me soon! Love you so very much!!!

  2. Hugh

    So the ankle is better? That would be good news. What town and rough time do you expect to see your next mail drop thingy? I have something to send. Further to modern happenings, apparently North Carolina really doesn’t like gay people getting married. Also, too, apparently Obama thinks it is OK now. As David Angel eloquently put it, America: where being fat is genetic and being gay is a choice. Additionally, Srin and Kelly want to do some mountain biking with me. Will be fun; he says he will borrow your bike, but doesn’t know where it is…

  3. Wayne Bass Thunder

    Marcus, I am glad to hear you are well into your trip. I am back from Jamaica where the rat race is not really run. Now I get where reggae is coming from. Your blog is fun to read. I’ll keep on it.

  4. Wayne Bass Thunder

    Glad to hear you are moving along so good. I;m following along from afar.

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