Agua Dulce (454.4 miles)

In days of old there were always crazy people staring at the sun, retiring to a life of hermitage and asceticism.  Mystics like Saint Anthony or soothsayers.  Native Americans would journey on vision quests and seek truths.  I have come to view long distance hiking in the same light.  I purposely punish my body specifically my feet and let my mind just roam into whatever subject it happens upon.  Most of the time I can just put my body into autopilot mode while my thoughts drift.  I have been hiking with a guy named Ceasar.  He reminds me of my buddy Hugh and Srin combined  into one person.  We rolled out of Wrightwood and have been hiking around 6,000 to 7,000 feet up in some nice alpine climates replete with towering cedar trees, and pines with huge 6 pound pine cones.  We camped out on a ridge one night and around 5 am we got hammered with 50+ mph winds and very cold temperatures.  I had to hike with my dirty socks around my hands to keep them warm using my trekking poles.  Unfortunately i had mailed back my jacket and thermo underwear in Wrightwood so i was definitely a cold unit.  The following morning my platypus was frozen and later found out it had gone below freezing to 22 degrees.  Today i have made it to Hiker Heaven which is a free hostel with trips to REI in LA, free laundry, and showers.  I am going to take a  zero day here, and take a loaner bike into town to get a beer and watch an NBA game.  I got another 250 miles til the Sierra’s and i can’t wait.  BIG Anouncement!!! At the conclusion of the PCT hike, I plan on road biking from Seattle to Denver!!  So if anybody wants to rock the bikes in early october, lemme know.   Also my blisters have all turned to callouses finally and have been walking blister free for the past 3 days. I have been self medicating myself better as well, yoga stretches, and ibuprofen.  Despite the weather mishap a couple of days ago i feel like I can easily hang with this thru-hike. However on an ominous side note, i have dropped 10 to 12 pounds already.  I weighed in at 148 pounds today with shorts and a cotton t-shirt and I started at 160 pounds.  So i have to remember to eat more which is hard due to the heat of the day. I have also had a breakthrough with respect to my drumming.  Listening to Gojira (the drummer in the band I am convinced is not human) in the desert, In Flames, and tons of Tool, i can’t wait to try out my new thoughts on my technique.  Hopefully YOTP is keeping on and a shout out to all my homies in the band is due, miss ya guys! Hopefully I will be jamming again with you guys real soon-Skeeter

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3 thoughts on “Agua Dulce (454.4 miles)

  1. Hugh

    Heh, 1400 miles on the ol’ Iron Horse trail, huh? That sounds like misery in October over the mountains; freezing, wet misery. should take about 16 days.

    • indeed, but i don’t think my sense of masochism will be sated by trail’s end. Also 16 days seems pretty generous, i think i will be lucky to eek out 70 mile days.

  2. ss

    those 6 lb pine cones are affectionately known to the locals as “widowmakers”

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