Kennedy Meadows (mile 702!)

I have now completed more than 1/4 of the PCT.  No sweat.  I’m currently at the sourthen terminus of the famed High Sierra Mountains.  I have only caught glimpses of some peaks in the background with the distinct tree line summits but already its so beautiful and rugged.  Think Ansel Adams but an order of magnitude more beautiful due to 3 dimensions, color, and the realization i have walked 700 miles from mexico to witness it.  This last section fromTehachapi where i took 2 zero days due to my sore ankle was difficult. I have since turned my ankle 2 times in last 100 miles but swelling is down, and its not painful to walk on.   I have now been out 6 days straight without cellphone reception, no showers or laundry.  Everything i own stinks, badly!!! The cacth 22 being that all my senses have sharpened remarkably well.  So my sense of smell is extra sensitive, which is nice for the blooming California lilacs, sage, and alpine lupine flowers but no so good at night in my tent and hiker funk.  I catch whiffs of my own stink and and it smells like i am necrotizing.  I have hiked the past 6 days with my great friend Ceasar, however  it is extremely sad that he has decided to get off  trail tomorrow.  I hope to hang out with him in reno in a few weeks with my girl.  His reason is simple; he wants to go home and hang with his friends and family…not gonna lie its the same thing i have been thinking about…missing the car camping at vedauwoo with friends, my family,  my band, my cat, and of course Elizabeth; but I am also enjoying trail life.  I have taken to 4am wake ups and knock out 12 miles before 8am on average days now,  which allows time to bath in river fords coming up, write in my journal, and think of chapters in my new book i have decided to write.  Anyways thanks siva for the microspikes..also i have sent my ice axe back to my mother due to lack of snow on most of the peaks.  The Sierra’s are a welcome respite from the 25 mile waterless sections and high heat.  Unfortunately though i have to carry a bear canister (2.9lbs)and 12 days of food to my next resupply (mammoth falls) it will be a heavy pack but with only 2 liters of water at a time i will be ok.  Also i  will be camping at guitar lake in3 days and hiking to the top of Whitney Peak (the highest mountain in the lower 48 states!!!) on sunday so i am looking forward to that!! Also there is reputed to be cell reception at the top so i will have phone after 11 days without, yay! expect some pics and texts  soon!!  I plan on continuing my 20-25 mile days throughout the Sierra’s and being at Mammoth Falls in 11 days (mile (906) I hope everybody is enjoying their summers and life is as good as it for me!!!

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3 thoughts on “Kennedy Meadows (mile 702!)

  1. Wayne Bass Thunder

    Miss yah Mark. Everytime I ride my bike to work into 45MPH head winds like today, I think of your longer journey and try not to feel to bad. Got a song brewing about your adventure.

  2. Carol Bosket

    Marc, Elizabth forwarded your site and I have been following your progress and enjoying your posts. Have fun in Reno! We’ll think of you the next time we pour a Yuengling! Carol and Bob

  3. Johnny B

    Sorry about the ankle man! Hopefully you’re just enjoying the awesome scenery! (Man I’d need a shower if it were me)…I wonder if some Carcass lyrics pop into your head as you feel necrotizing…haha

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