Mile 877

Well folks the last 175 miles have been a complete game changer for me.  I always knew the Sierras would be nice but words cannot describe the pulchritude that lies here.  I have been out for eleven days straight with no phone reception and only packed in 9.5 days worth of food.  Today I enjoyed a foraged lunch of wild onions, dandelions, grasses, and some hopefully edible flowers.  I also sprinkled in the last of my curry powder to freshen it up a bit.  It was actually a very good tasting concoction but I am not getting enough calories especially since i rolled out a marathon 26 mile day with at least 7000+ of elevation gain.  I have been kicking out 25 mile days pretty routinely lately.  Right now I am at a resort enjoying a beer and eating a bag of fritos.  I planned on having dinner tonight here but unfortunately its barbecue night so I am out of luck.  I summit ed Mt Whitney (14,496 ft) on Monday around 8am.  The views  from the peak were amazing and spectacular.  Everyday hiking here has been a completely refreshing change from the desert.  I hike over 11,000 and 12,000 ft passes and exchange one view with 3000 ft waterfall drops with another that has tarns and alpine lakes that I am positive are colors Crayola can’t mimic.    I have spent a good deal of time bathing nude in these lakes and can tell you that I believe my creymaster has become quite defined and that no shot of expresso is as effective as bathing in these lakes. The deep moraines with prodigious scattered boulders are unfathomable and the high white and pink granite peaks and seemingly endless rock walls are spectacular.  This country is timeless.  The bountiful wildlife like the white-tailed deer come within just a couple meters of me unafraid, and even curious. A coyote stared me down until sauntering off and the white spotted owl that I accidentally roused at dawn from her nest in a manzanita bush.  This place without question is the the singlest most beautiful place that I have ever seen.  I urge everybody to someday take the time to come here at some point in their lives.  I  feel so alive.  Every pore in my body has been filled by the magic here and every sense of mine has been supercharged.  I am so grateful to be above the daisies right now and feel privileged to bear witness to these wild places everyday.  I feel like every 100 miles I walk here takes another year of work away from my past.  I feel unfettered, reverent, and my creative supernaut completely self recharged.  I guess it only took John Muir (1st president of Sierra Club and co-founder) two nights camping with Theodore Roosevelt to convince him that the Sierras needed to become a national park.  I can see why after hiking here

My body is feeling great.  No new blisters after making the transition to my new shoes, my back is a little sore carrying the extra weight of the bear canister but I can confidently say I have my trail legs now.  In a few days I will be in Reno with Elizabeth, and I can already empathize with the waitresses that will have to serve me meal after meal or worse yet the poor foot massage therapist that has to bear witness to my raw, necrotizing, slabs of bloody tissues that were once called feet.  I can tell you this, she does not make enough money.  I will have to tip well.  Anyways, I sincerely hope everyone will someday get a chance to see the Sierras and spend more than a few days here.  They really are that incredible.  After Reno I will have covered 1018 miles  and I will need to step on the pedal a little to beat the impending Canadian winter.  All I can say is bring it on!

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2 thoughts on “Mile 877

  1. Hugh

    Didja run out of the Cholula?

    Glad to hear this is even more rewarding than you expected it to be. I’m not certain you can count on a winter, let alone an early one. Here in the Rockies, we are in the 90’s with no rain for weeks. Colorado is on fire–they’ve evacuated parts of Western CO. Springs, people in Denver cannot even legally use their grills on their own decks.

    Fire bans galore across the area, so no pit fire to sit around drinking and playing rustic music with friends.

  2. ss

    pul-chri-tude (n.) great physical beauty and appeal

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