1018 (Reno)/1093 (Echo Lake)

When I wrote this entry it was Sunday afternoon, Church was conceivably getting out for a lot of people, and I will tell you the last 1000 mile sermon has been very inspiring.  I have walked more than 1000 miles from Mexico.  I am out of Yosemite and Sierra national park and into Molemnu/Humboldt/Hoover wildernesses.  The hiking has been been very beautiful.  Last weekend my girlfriend, Elizabeth came and picked me up at Bridgeport, CA.  We spent 3 days at the Grand Sierra Casino and had an absolute blast!!  I am so very lucky to have somebody that loves me enough to bear my hiker funk, inspect my feet, and my newly emaciated body.  I am down to about 140 pounds which is too low.  I think I gained at least 5 of it back at the all you can eat buffet, Italian restraunt where i had the best fettucine alfredo ever, the candy barrel, and assorted other bakeries and pizzerias.  I have to say it has been extremely hard to get back on the trail after spending some quality time with Elizabeth.  I have found the trail to be kinda a hard slog the past 3 days.  I caught back up with a hiker named Young Geezer who I was hiking with on and off in Sierra NP.  He is the kind of guy you read about in the magazines; he has a doctorate in economics, was the chief economist in Alaska, has hiked every continent’s highest peak with the exception of Sagarmatha, lived in monastaries in Nepal, hiked over thousands of miles in Pakistan and India, and paraglided in France.  His advice and admonition has been key.  He told me to roll my 403b into an IRA and then convert it to a Roth.  He also shared advice that his mother gave him that has been very instrumental in my thoughts lately, which was a question to be asked for every major decision.  Are you going to regret not doing it when the window of opportunity on it closes?

I am now back in Reno at the public library staying at the Motel 6 for the next few days.  Unfortunately the tendon in the top of my foot is extremely sore and as of right now I cannot walk on it.  I am hoping a few days off will help, but if not this may be the end of the line for my thru hike.  I will make an evaluation on Monday and maybe get in to see a doctor about it.  However, honestly I am psychologically not into walking 25 miles everyday right now.  I believe I have done the two most difficult sections and seen the most beautiful part and am lacking the necessary motivation to continue.  I will let everybody know next week what I deide.  If this is the end of the line I just want to thank everybody for their support and love throughout this trip.  I am very much obliged to everyone for their support.

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3 thoughts on “1018 (Reno)/1093 (Echo Lake)

  1. Carol B\

    Mark, Take care of yourself – if you clear with a doctor to continue your hike, great – if not, it’s amazing what you have accomplished! The most important thing right now is your health. Had a Yuengling last night – boy did it taste great! Trying to figure out how to get a case to Colorado for you and Elizabeth.

  2. siva

    Am very impressed that you have made it this far and with the quality of your blog. Sadly, if indeed you have tendinitis there is very little you can do except for the usual treatments: rest, ice, nsaids, compression, etc. If the pain does not improve after 2 -3 weeks then you may need imaging studies of your foot and/or a steroid injection. Anyway, hope your foot starts to feel better and congratulations for getting this far on the pct regardless of your decision to continue or not.

  3. Jenn

    hey sir..you’ve made it very far! it’s quite and achievement and extremely awesome. Kudos! If you decide to come home, let us know. We are currently in Republica Domincana and our US cell phones do not work. I emailed Liz our Dominican cell number if you need to get a hold of us. Let us know if you need us to make other living arrangements when we return. Email is also a viable option. Take care of yourself.

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