Sierra City (mile 1197)

Welp folks I have decided to keep on keepin’ on.  My right foot is definitely feeling life right now with the tendonitis and now the split callous in the ball of it.  I continue to apply krazy glue to it everyday which helps keep it together, but the pain can be excruciating.  Also i wanted to tell Bob Bosket, Liz’s father; to get well soon.  You have been in my thoughts and well wishes all week. Hopefully you will be pumpkin chucking real soon!

This last few miles out Tahoe have been quite beautiful.  Yesterday i went over Donner’s Pass, and although there were quite a few day hikers and my appetite was surging; i am happy to report i did not eat any of them.  The terrain has been a bit more level and the elevation is much less than Sierra National Park.  The mosquitos have been thick as well.  Luckily the wind has picked up the last few days and has kept them in check.  I crossed over I-80 on friday night and I have to admit I am feeling a bit homesick for my house just a mere 1000 miles or so to the east on the interstate. I thought briefly about sticking out my thumb and paying everybody a visit but alas i trudged onward.   The trail is 2600 miles long and so its called the trail of a 100 marathons.  I have decided to get to business and start averaging  marathons for the next 60 days.  I think I can finish this trail in the next two months.  My next blog entry will be maybe around Chester, CA which is more than the halfway mark.  Yesterday I walked 31 miles and unfortunately lost Young Geezer.  I may see him tonight when I roll out of Sierra City, but it looks like I am back to being solo for the immediate future.  I am also in the process of going completely natural wrt to cleaning myself after bowel movements.  I have stopped using toilet paper and have instead fashioned a small half liter platypus into a bidet.  I also have been using these common very big broad leafed plants called Mule Ears which have come in extremely handy in aiding me through this difficult transition.  The trail is funny.  Somedays i totally want to bail on it and then the very next corner will be atop a high scenic ridge with a rushing river on one side and beautiful vistas on the other side and I fall in love with it all over again.  I wish i could better insulate my highs and lows out here but the emotional experience ultimately has been very rewarding.  Hopefully everybody is enjoying the middle of their summers and taking advantage of the warm weather.  Be happy you are not slogging through swarms of mosquitoes and can sleep on something other than a hard piece of granite or rocky ground.  -Skeeter

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2 thoughts on “Sierra City (mile 1197)

  1. Bob Bosket

    Thanks Mark for your well wishes. I am feeling better, just wish they knew what was causing it. I hope your tendonitis gets better. Carol and I think about you a lot and always hope things keep going well for you. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures soon.

  2. Johnny B


    Best of luck on the ol trail…I liked your comment about Donner Pass…Glad you have food…Cannibalism can really ruin your Trail experience…You should wear 2 (or 3) pairs of socks on that hurt foot of yours and gently duct tape it to a sole from a sandal…Let it heal ya know?…I dunno what I’m talkin’ about… I’m pulling this stuff out of my platypus…

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