CDT -The Reawakening

“Oh Shit!” The only words that came to my head as I witnessed Chris’ deathly white countenance and bare-knuckled fingers grip the steering wheel of his 2011 Toyota Camry. We were headed up 287 from Laramie to Ft. Collins and he just got done suddenly braking on what appeared once to be blacktop and now just a solid sheet of ice. Our car careened dangerously close to oncoming semis. The forecast called for 2-4 inches of the white stuff and by my count that much accumulation had already fallen in just the last hour and we still had to get to the Greyhound Station in Denver by 7pm. As Chris adroitly corrected his vehicle, my life briefly flashed before my eyes. Thoughts like: how have I come to this place again? Why am I hiking another long distance trail? Why did I sell most of my possessions? Why did I quit my job (again) and hand my house off to a realtor under the auspice of selling it with me on the trail? Am I just crazy? Ironically one of the three southern starting points of the 2800 to 3100 mile long Continental Divide Trail starting points is called Crazy Cook. This is where me and Steady have decided to start. However, already on day 1 we have been forced to reroute from the Crazy Cook starting point due to our contact not showing up. Lucky for me Steady is a genius at logistics and has already alternately mapped out a different starting location and route. We will be taking a bus down to the border tomorrow and beginning as planned but from the Columbus Starting point on the US-Mexico border.

Am I crazy? Sometimes I think so.

Today I was anthropomorphizing a sparrow that I observed while we waited for ten hours in the desert heat at the Gas Mart in dusty Deming, NM for our ride that never came. I was telling Steady, “Look it’s Mr. Sparrow. He is just walking around looking for food. Oh wait, here comes Mrs. Sparrow, looks like she is scolding him for not doing a good enough job of finding food. Welp it looks like time for them to go back to the nest where he will undoubtedly have a “honey do-list waiting for him.” Then suddenly they both took flight on cue traveling north in tandem and in perfect silent synchronicity. And so it begins…

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