This is What It Sounds Like When Deer Yell

“Let us endeavor so to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry .” -M. Twain

Hey everybody we have done some serious hiking since Glacier National Park. We are in Whitehall, Montana enjoying a day off and resting the hooves. We started the section through the venerable Bob Marshall Wilderness. The Bob Marshall Wilderness is one of the most remote national wildernesses in the US. I have found the “Bob” to be the paragon of raw beauty but it has been a long slog withal. I had forgotten how it feels to be so isolated from the outside world. That being said I did have cell signal the 1st night in but not again until 8 days later where we managed a hitch out on Benchmark road into Helena, MT. The main highlight of this past section has been the ineffable Chinese Wall. It is a huge monolithic, rock escarpment that extends over 40 miles and averages 1,000 ft tall. It is definitely remarkable to see something so large and  grandiose. It appears man-made in its structure. Most of our hiking has been through overgrown, verdant vegetation. Unfortunately, it  rained cats and dogs through this section and with some numerous ineluctable forges, our feet have been constantly wet.  Drenched  feet seems to be a requirement for hiking in the “Bob” and I have had many flash backs to the early Appalachian Trail the year I hiked it. We both have developed some minor textbook examples of trench foot. As a result, combined with some bad luck of not receiving a resupply package at Benchmark ranch; we waited 6.5 hours to get a hitch into Helena. There we took a day off to dry out our feet. We got picked up by an extremely affable, retired couple, Mike and Mary. Mike mans one of the lookout towers in the Bob Marshall and writes scientific history and philosophy books. He also is a great nature photographer and makes “visual metaphors” by writing clever captions underneath his photos. One of his humorous examples was of a hawk, with black and white markings resembling a clerical collar, a vicious attacking magpie and a very bloody fish carcass being scavenged by both birds. His caption read, The Capitalists, Catholic Church and Third World Countries (The past 500 years in a nutshell). We took them out to dinner at a very good Mediterranean Restaurant in downtown Helena for their trouble. We are currently doing the “super Butte cutoff” and are headed to Ennis, MT next. After that we will be In Yellowstone National park and into Wyoming. Another interesting surprise has been the unexpected tameness of the deer in these parts. They walk unafraid into camp and don’t seem to care about human activity. However one night before dusk, a white-tailed deer stopped near us and began kicking  his hoof into the dirt. The weirdest thing was he looked right at us and made the oddest sound that I have heard. It sounded like a female human with a deep voice trying to whistle but couldn’t. The young ungulate was clearly upset at us and continued his hoof stomping for at least five minutes before bouncing off. The scenery is nice but unfortunately there has been a lot of pine beetle infestation in this area and there have been a lot of pointless ups and downs (PUDS). The weather has  been very hot and we find ourselves getting up later and later each morning evincing our attenuating lack of avidity. Because of these late starts we have only been doing 15 mile days. Hopefully the weather will cool down soon and give us some respite. -Skeeter

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2 thoughts on “This is What It Sounds Like When Deer Yell

  1. Patricia Rice

    Hey, just wanted you to know that Young Geezer and I have been following your trails and travails with great interest this summer. This thought will cool you down: we’re off to Iceland in a few days for some hiking! Be happy and safe and have fun. Love and Peace, Young Geezer’s Wife Patricia

  2. Tell Young Geezer hi and enjoy the coolness!!

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