Remember to dream like coyotes

howling under coruscating skies

Blot out the din and the bullshit

sketch infinite constellations

from your front row of sand

Like love-struck mosquitoes,

proselytize the ecstasy

of rivers and wilderness

Bare your blood dripping fangs

and smile like a cracked, mad beast

Arise from concrete pabulum

Seek that which is buried

above the pine kissed air

Dust off her umbilical cord, rip it

from the thumbs of awkward apes

Discover how your body moves

when dancing on the brink of death

Pour a beer over the maws

of grizzly and storm and rock

fortunate to be alive, aware

And once you are safely back

You will be unable to provide any

answer to “how was the trail?”

Just growl and pace in your cage

hungry, restless, and ready to run.

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